Founded in the spring of 2007 by painter Robert daVies and poet Mary Walker Graham, Rope-a-Dope Press and Collaborative fosters collaboration among artists, writers, and their communities through the publication of handmade, letterpress printed broadsides and chapbooks.

Publishers & Editors
Robert daVies
Mary Walker Graham

Golden Gloves Guest Editor
Chris Tonelli

Assistant Editor
Jeremiah Gould


What kind of letterpress do you use? 
We used to do all of our printing on a Vandercook SP-20, which was kindly shared with us by its owner, Mike Dacey of Repeat Press.  We are currently looking for a smaller (and lighter!) press to use for the occasional print run.

Will Rope-a-Dope publish my chapbook/book/poem?
Sorry, but we aren't taking submissions anymore. Follow the links on our blogroll; there are loads of fantastic small presses out there. Good luck!

I ordered a chapbook and I haven't received it.  What should I do?
Yikes. We're sorry about that. Since we've stopped running the press full-time, we've tended to get a little, er, a lot, behind. Please send an email to ropeadope.press@gmail.com to remind us about your order.