Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Word. Chris Tonelli is everyone's favorite person, and an awesome poet besides. Did you know this chap includes a DVD? What are you waiting for? Click it.

$10 includes shipping.

The poems in this collection are also featured in Affects of Gravity and Untitled (Affects of Gravity), a public art installation and short film by Andi Sutton, conceived in collaboration with Chris Tonelli and sponsored by the MIT Council for the Arts.

Cover art by Kenichi Hoshine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

RUN by Kim Gek Lin Short

Kim Gek Lin Short's manuscript was selected from among the many dozens of submissions we received during our Golden Gloves open reading period. Congratulations, Kim.

Printed and handsewn in an edition of 144.
48 pages.

Our thanks to all who helped us print and fold and sew, and especially to artist Morgan Thomas, who drew the boots for the cover.

About RUN: In the technicolor timewarp called Hell, Hong Kong wannabe cowgirl La La is hellbent on realizing her dream to be a folk-singing sensation, even if it means surviving a dysfunctional relationship with her kidnapper, Ren, who is just hellbent. Ren thinks he'll win, but La La, dead or alive, always wins.

$10 includes shipping.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

She had her country superstar humility . . .

Kim modeling RUN.

Mary modeling RUN.

Want to model RUN? Want to write a review?
Send us an email: ropeadope.press@gmail.com

Friday, April 09, 2010


Pre-release copies of RUN, by Kim Gek Lin Short, are available at the AWP Conference in Denver this weekend. Kim's manuscript was selected during our open submissions period for the Golden Gloves Chapbook Series. Stop by our table, shared with BIRDS, LLC and Brave Men Press, to pick up a copy.

Did we mention the first 12 copies come with a horse?

Pictures (and a PayPal button) coming soon.