Thursday, May 02, 2013

The RALLY: Broadsides, March 2013

We came out of the woodwork for a bit to publish these beautiful broadsides in collaboration with Jeremiah Gould of Rye House Press. As with any Rope-a-Dope adventure, a million people were involved and are to be thanked (see the list below). Broadsides can be purchased here or at the CUNY Chapbook Festival (this week!), where Jeremiah will be representing both Rope-a-Dope and Rye House Press.

Sampson Starkweather & Mike Dacey

Visual Artists: Aimee Belanger, Mike Dacey, Pat Falco, Jeremiah Gould, Greg Maxim, Vanessa Irzyk, Jay LaCouture, James Weinberg.

Poets: B.J. Best, Luke Bloomfield, Heather Christle, Cecelia Corrigan, Marisa Crawford, Ana Bozicevic, Alex Phillips, Ryan Ridge, Sampson Starkweather, Bianca Stone, Gale Thompson, Jenny Zhang.

Letterpress: Rope-a-Dope Press, Rye House Press

Publishers: Birds LLC, Factory Hollow, Immaculate Disciples, Rose Metal, Sixth Finch, Wonder

And big thanks to the Distillery Gallery--where the opening and reading took place.

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