Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Smaller Type of Book

Mark Yakich's What, Friends, IS A City? is the latest book printed by Rope-a-Dope Collaborative's Thumbsized Editions.
All books are individually crafted and put through whatever method we can get our hands on. Next stop: Justin Marks!

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New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Y'all.
Thank you again for the heads'up. These look so beautiful in the pics. Really. Are they to scale, (the pics?:)

Will you all be coming to town for this? http://www.nolabookfair.com/
Sure hope so. It is one fine bibliorgy no lie.
You guys are the future from the past you know that right?
I went ahead and hung you onto today's Ladda. Still open for a review if you...

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder