Friday, January 25, 2008


We still have to sew it up, but The Jungle is under way and almost ready to hop in The Poetry Van and head to NYC. If you're going to be at AWP (or you're lucky enough to live in New York), stop by and see us. The book fair is free and open to the public on Saturday, Feb 2nd.

Plus, Chad will be there to sign Victor in the New World on Saturday from 12-2pm.

The Jungle in assembly...


Clint said...

At AWP I noticed yr book, The Jungle, and asked how i might be able to purchase one.

Now, here in the internet, I am asking again.

I'd Really like to own one of these.
They are completely amazing.

thanks, clint

Rope-a-Dope said...

Thanks Clint! I've sent you an email in response.

For anyone else who is interested, we will be posting info soon about how to purchase The Jungle.

We would have done it earlier if we did not return from AWP with a raging fever and a wretched cough. Stay tuned!