Monday, November 05, 2007

Open Studios

After a long weekend pulling prints with the public, Rope-a-Dope is reclining on the couch and may never get up. At least not until tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came out to see our wares and take a turn on the Vandercook!

Trisha Beezup joined us for much of Sunday afternoon and got these great shots below.

Robert daVies helping a visitor pull her first print.
Bob made the broadsides this month and they look awesome.
They'll soon be up on the Manila blog.

Even Milo thinks the Manila Broadsides are tasty.

Mike Dacey of Repeat Press fame.

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jILL said...

Looking for a specific medium, my eyes scanned the list of participating artist at THE DISTILLERY. Suddenly, my eyes STOPPED! Rope-a-Dope Press & Mike Dacey/Repeat Press— book arts/ letterpress/ screen printing. I had FOUND EXACTLY what I was LOOKING FOR! ❡Like I mentioned on Sunday, I would love to help out in exchange for learning the process of letterpress & screen printing from observation and mild conversation. ❡Again, I really would love to help out for the experience and anything I may pick-up along the way. ❡—jILL