Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Be Poncho

Man down.

Man over.

Mary broke her shoulder defending friend-of-Rope-a-Dope L.O.C. from marauding street gangs in Southie. No, really: she fell off the tightrope in Rope-a-Dope's studio. You thought that was a clothesline?

If anyone wants to learn to set type, study one-armed bartending tricks, or wash the dishes, your moment has arrived. Lefty can't lift a coffee cup, much less a case full of lead. Woo-hoo.

By the way, the August broadsides, trippy eye-candy for both sides of your brain, will be available very very soon over at the Manila site. Artist James Weinberg pays homage to the three graces: Dan Boehl, Dan Hoy, and Gina Myers.

Next month: Catherine BourassaHebert takes on Michael Carr, C.S. Carrier, and Lori Shine. Visit the So and So's blog for fight details.

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